BIAB Designs and Manufactures
Tailgater Bar and Grill

BIAB – Brings a Bar and BBQ to the Party

Niagara Falls, NY – Jan. 17, 2020 – Booze in a Bag™ (BIAB the “Company”), We are pleased to announce the design and development of the Tailgate Ultra Q, a mobile Bar / BBQ Grill. The mobile Grill was designed around the BIAB Flex Bags as a full bar with a charcoal grill (optional propane)

ABOUT THE Tailgater Ultra Q™: After several weeks of design we agreed that the Grill will have optional charcoal or propane, an illuminated awning, a “Flex Bag designed Bar” and a 20L insulated ice bin. The Grill can be placed into any standard pick-up truck and once at your destination, simply put the truck tailgate down and slide the entire Tailgater grill over the truck tailgate. Wen finished, simply push the Tailgater back onto the bed of the truck and close the truck tailgate. When at home the grill can be also used in the backyard. We now have five (5) models to choose from with the Tailgater designed for the outdoor lifestyle – Fishing, Hunting, Camping, the Cottage and of course Tailgating.

ABOUT BIAB: BIAB, based in both Western New York and Ontario, Canada was established in October 2017 as the world’s first company to bring a direct spirit in a 1.75-liter disposable, stand-up bag. We trademarked and patented certain aspects of this market disrupting opportunity. The long-term goal of BIAB is to provide a quality, budget friendly, Premium Spirit for our repeat customers that have active lifestyles. Our bulk style, simple packaging, and somewhat generic branding will allow our customers to immediately know exactly what they are purchasing without any explanations.

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